Setting up the foyer

If you’re a planner like I am, you may be planning all kinds of areas of your life. Planning your next day, planning your meals, planning your chores, planning your kids’ events, even planning your clothes for the next day!

Consider planning your day by setting up the foyer!

Have to run errands tomorrow? Some returns to make? Have lists for your outings, like grocery lists? Do you need supplies for your day? Extra curriculars right after school? Or evening plans after work?

Set up as much as you can at the front door, the night before!

I always keep a large bag at the door. I love ones with a wide open top so I can add stuff easily! I use it to toss in anything I may need for my day or for different outings throughout the day. If I have an appointment and need special paperwork, I toss it into the bag. If I need to return something, I toss it into the bag with the receipt. Have items to return to people? Throw them in the bag too, you could swing by to drop stuff off. Skipping lunch to get everything done? Toss in a granola bar, or some other snack, add some water too! Running from school to extra curriculars? Throw in snacks for the kids, and any equipment you may need for the event. Going to the gym? Throw your gym stuff in the bag, even throw your gym bag into the bag – well that may be redundant, but you get the idea!

I cannot begin to tell you how great it feels to just grab the bag in the morning as you run out the door; KNOWING you have everything you need!

The idea is, that for each outing or group of outings you have on the next day, there’s no need to think about what you may need. Setting it up at the door the night before, allows you to think calmly and methodically about what you will need so that you are less likely to forget things. You can spend the time to think more clearly, and double check that you have everything you may need. You can always add stuff to the bag in the morning if you forgot to add it the night before.

Find a spot, off to the side of your front hall area, set up a bag tonight for tomorrow. See if it works for you. You could even use a box or a basket. I love using a bag, because I can easily throw it over my shoulder as I head to the car, leaving my hands free to lock the door and possibly carry a coffee!

One thing I love about this whole process, is that it also helps me to logistically plan my day. It helps me decide what order is best to complete everything I need to do, or to think about how the time management of the day will go. The planning doesn’t even take that much time. If you have just 10 minutes, use the time to think about what tomorrow may bring, and what you need to bring!

Get your day started with less chaos tomorrow! Start tonight!

Thanks for coming home!

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