Lost in clutter? Maybe I can help!

Hey Clutterbugs!

I love September. Despite the calendar year starting on January 1st, I always feel like September is the true start of the year. The kids are finally back in school (most years) and I feel like I suddenly have more freedom and control over my time!

If you suddenly feel like you have more time now too, then this post is for you!

This is your opportunity to reach out and email pictures and descriptions of your clutter zones.

Don’t be afraid. I promise to help you get to the bottom of your clutter.

It is exciting and hopefully inspiring for me to share all of my progress with you over the last while, and share some thoughts and ways that I have made my space work for me.


My space is my space. What works for me, may not work for you. You may not have multiple fridges and freezers. Or maybe your basement is more finished than mine with different built in storage. Maybe your closet is bigger or smaller. The reality is, that some of my ideas may have you excited about redoing your spaces at first, only to get frustrated that it doesn’t work for you. Well I am hoping to help with that!

Send me pictures of your worst areas, and I will examine the photos and offer help so that you can declutter and organize your own spaces!

I am so excited about this add on for all of you Home Under Clutter fans! One of my hopes is that you can free yourself and declutter your mind by decluttering your space!

Let me help you rediscover your home under clutter!!

Thanks for coming home!

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