Space saving cutlery drawer

Have you ever purchased those plastic, customizable cutlery sorter trays? You know the ones…the ones where you cut them down to fit your drawer perfectly. They’re great right? But they actually take up a lot of space. Do you notice how much of your drawer is used up by the organizing tool itself?

Alternatively, you could use those adjustable plastic or bamboo sorters. Or you could buy some inserts from your kitchen cabinet company (whether it’s from a custom builder, or pre-fab like Ikea). I just find there is so much wasted space.

So, I found this cutlery organizer on Amazon (Canada). FYI, I am not endorsed at all by the product brand or by Amazon. I just love a good organizing product when I find one, and sometimes, I just gotta share it!

I wasn’t sold at first. I had it in my amazon cart for a good couple of months, wondering if it would be worth it. Then, I saw it once, in use and I kept questioning whether or not it was any good. Seeing it in action, and seeing the way it fit in the drawer definitely had me more curious.

I decided to go for it!

I did not stop at one, because I knew that my cutlery drawer could accommodate two. My cutlery drawer can now hold way more tools!! After putting in place, I am completely sold! Our cutlery is pretty thick and heavy, so sometimes the spoons get stuck and we need to do a bit of adjusting in order to pull out the drawer. Since we started using these organizers, we have only had to struggle with it a handful of times. It’s still worth it as a space saving tool!

I think it’s definitely worth it!

What is your favourite drawer in your kitchen?

Thanks for coming home!

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