Feels a bit more normal…

Well the kids are back in school, extracurricular activities are coming back, even school activities are resuming. Things seem to be going back to some level of normal.

I finally have some time to get back to my organizing projects and decluttering goals!

My next project is the garage. I have some tips coming at you in my next post about decluttering and planning how to organize your garage. It has been a room of contention for me for years, and I am hoping that maybe this winter we can have our cars in there!

For now, while schools are still open, I am trying to make the most of my time. Diving into my long overdue list of tasks that I have been wishing for the ability to devote time to.

How are you feeling about things opening up more? What have you been missing through COVID? What are you not looking forward to as we return to normal?

Hope you’re enjoying your new normal – whatever it may look like for you!

Thanks for coming home!

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