Getting to the garage

When it’s time to organize and declutter the garage there is just so much to consider!

Look at your garage and really think about the space. What do you use your garage for? Is it a workshop? Is it a work out gym? Is it a man cave decked out with a sound system and TV? Does it look like a bomb went off in there? Is it an extension of your storage space? Maybe you can actually park your cars in there!?

Decide how you want to use the space before you start rearranging or upgrading your garage. Think about storage options or upgrades, and what kinds of shelves or wall space you already have.

Consider the kind of stuff and the amount of stuff you want to store in there. Set firm limits on what goes and stays, so that your organizing goals can be achieved.

Anytime I am trying to plan the next space to tackle, I try to really visualize how I want to space to look. Some of you may need to look at pictures, or maybe some of you can just see it in your mind. I love perusing Pinterest for the best ways to organize things…TRUST ME! BUT…sometimes, it makes things seem impossible to achieve. Rather than focusing too much on the finished pictures, take a moment to think about your own stuff. Really visualize your own stuff, your own clutter, your own valuables to you. Try to imagine how your stuff will look in your space. It’s so easy to admire some of the perfectly fitted shelves for the perfect sized bin, but what about the wheelbarrow? Or what about the toboggans? And all those bikes? They just don’t fit into any kind of bin! So step away from that magazine world, or Pinterest world and go back to your own space.

I sometimes stand in my space for a short while a number of days in a row before I can get anything done in that space.

I really like to feel the space!

I like to feel the discomfort that it causes me, and I like to see the potential. Maybe it’s a fluffy way to operate, but I believe that feeling the discomfort, or frustration that your stuff causes, can do wonders to inspire action!

So, head out to your garage, or your next space that you are tackling (or sick of) and just sit, or stand and look around. See if you can imagine a better version of what you see now. Try not to think immediately of all the ways you need to spend money on sprucing it up, or getting contractors in to fix it all. Just look at the ways you store your stuff, and see if there is a way of utilizing what you already have. Maybe you have stuff on a shelf that would be better hanging directly on the wall. Maybe you have categories of stuff that would actually fit nicely in a bin. Maybe you have stuff that you want to use, but it’s buried under other stuff, so it’s too hard to pull out and have fun with.

When you’re dealing with a space that holds a variety of different items it’s best to set up some areas by category. If you have a bunch of sporting equipment for example, why not find a solution that contains it all in one area. Bikes, trikes, scooters, wagons, and strollers could all be somewhat together. Gardening stuff could be sequestered to a shelf or two. Any tools that you need in the garage could go in one area or in a cupboard. You can hang tall things on one of the walls.

If your garage is unfinished, try to think of ways to use the rafters! If your garage is finished, think of ways to use the ceiling space above the garage door tracks.

Like with all of my decluttering and organizing, it’s best to come up with a system for dealing with your stuff. Help yourself by keeping it simple and straightforward.

Clump all of the like items together, then decide what to keep and what to get rid of. Then, look up or buy or even make storage solutions to hold the stuff you want to keep. Lastly, pretty it up! Make labels, paint walls, just make it something that you’re proud of. Sure, it may still not look like those Pinterest pictures, but at least you made it nice and practical for YOUR life – not for some magazine!

Even if progress is slow, it’s still progress!

The hardest part is going through EVERYTHING! Stick with it! There’s more to come in the future for this space!

Thanks for coming home!

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  1. Nice to get it done at the change of a season – especially before the snow flies and you want to put your car in there.


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