Who lives in the home under clutter?

It has almost been a year since the creation of my Home Under Clutter blog, and I figured I might as well take some time to introduce myself formally to you, AND thank you for continuing to check out my posts!

My name is Lindsay and I live in the home that is under clutter. My home has been under clutter for years, and I always had, what I thought at the time, was a good reason for it to be messy. After years of apologizing for the mess to friends and family I decided that enough was enough. So, I started the journey of trying to get rid of the stuff that was controlling me and started to take my life back!

Amongst the clutter live my husband and my two boys, we can call them One and Two. My kids are just coming into the age where they are noticing ALL of our stuff, and how it even gets in THEIR way rather than when they were younger and just accepted that this is our house. Sometimes I hear them say “this is such a mess!” It actually crushes my spirit a bit, because I don’t want them thinking that this is how people live!

I have had so many jobs and careers in my life, but the jobs I take most seriously are being a mom, a friend, and a homeowner.

I have always loved organizing stuff, but more than that, I have always loved stuff! I am still paying the price of this love and it created quite a large amount of hatred for a while!! There was a time when I hated ALL of my stuff, while also knowing deep down it wasn’t true. What I really hated, was how it was negatively impacting my most important jobs!

I have loved watching organizing shows, hoarder shows, or even searching the internet for the best storage tricks and tips for as long as I can remember.

I have always been interested in creating my own unique solutions for my storage problems and have always had friends and family comment on how great some of my ideas are, or how thorough my planning is.

I decided I just had to share my ideas further. I decided that others may have had similar problems and thought my solutions would help them too.

Ultimately, my goal is to organize my stuff so that I can truly maximize my living and truly enjoy my time. But my almost equal goal is to use my experience from my journey to help others face and overcome some of the problems I have faced and continue to work to overcome!

Where there’s a will there’s a way! Nothing is insurmountable. It just takes time!

Anyone can come out from under their clutter.

Join my journey on how my family has come out from under our clutter, and share your experiences. Together, we can all come out from under our clutter and live our lives to the fullest!

Thanks for coming home!

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