There’s an app for that!

Every now and again, especially when I am procrastinating, I take some time to look over the apps on my phone. I try to ask myself if they are still serving a good purpose in my life, or if they are weighing me down. But if I am being really honest, when I am going through my Apps, I often enjoy going down the rabbit hole of hunting down newer and better versions of the types of apps out there.

If you read my post about Embracing Technology, you may have heard me make mention of an app called Chefling. I still love it, or maybe I just love the idea of it more than the app itself. It’s like, it’s almost the perfect app! But there’s something about it that makes me not go back to it as often as I really need to. Leaving my inventory of our food and household goods in my head (to keep it more accurate…Right!?)

Anyway, as I was perusing other kitchen inventory apps, I came across this little gem called Best Before.
FYI, from what I can tell the app is only available on the Google play store.

I haven’t had a lot of time to really use this new App, since my discovery of it was so recent, but there are a number of features worth noting.

You can customize it all!

First of all, there are tons of categorizations and customizations! If you remember, I actually have multiple fridges and freezers so it is very convenient for me to know which freezer some random frozen meal is in! It’s also great for knowing which cupboard food is in – it may not be an issue if you live alone but some of my items get a little…umm…misplaced from time to time!


The App allows you to create an account. This is again helpful if you have more than one shopper in your house. You can share your grocery and inventory list through the app.

I guess I have to get to the best part next. The part I LOVE the most…

Ready for it???

When I cross something off the “Shopping list…it automatically adds the “Product” to my inventory!!! Can you believe it?? It’s a feature I have been hunting for in ALL of the inventory apps that I have tried! – and I have tried many of them!!

Now, to really blow your mind…let’s say that you are throwing a party, and you want to add stuff to your grocery list, but you really don’t want it to add to your inventory. Simply toggle the feature of adding the items to your inventory!

As if that is not enough…

Let’s imagine that you are throwing a party with a friend. You can invite that friend to share a specific grocery list! Now you can both see the things that you need to get for the party! How simple!?

I have to say, whoever created this App, must share part of my brain!

Like I said before, I haven’t had a lot of time to functionally use the App yet, but I am very excited to see it in action!

November is typically a time of year that I try to ramp up my meal planning habits. New routines are settling in, Halloween is over, Christmas is coming, then it’s January! If I can use November to do a bit of prep for December and January, than the whole season flows better. To make the most of easy meal planning it really comes down to one simple question…

Do you know what food is in your house?

The better you know, the better you can plan.

Now I am going to create my next grocery list in my Best Before app so that I can easily add it to my inventory!

Thanks for coming home!

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