More laughs and fun with Book Interrupted

Have you read the book The 4% Fix by Karma Brown? It’s all about how you can add more time to your day for those things you feel like you just never have enough time to start or accomplish. It’s mostly about altering your priorities at bed time so that you can wake up a bit earlier to do the things you actually value most. It’s sort of a ‘treat yourself first’ then ‘deal with life’ kind of perspective.

Enjoy the following links, or check them out through the Book Interrupted website.

Podcast Episode #4
Episode #4 on YouTube
Podcast Episode #5
Episode #5 on YouTube

You can also access the older episodes on my other blog posts: Adding more time to your daily life and More with Book Interrupted!

If you know of a great non-fiction book and would like to be a fan on Book Interrupted, reach out with a fan book suggestion!

In the mean time, you can use an idea from the book and think about your night time routine. Do you spend time playing on your phone? Watching Netflix? Doing basically nothing til the wee hours of the morning, only to wake up feeling exhausted? Why not cut that all out, go to bed a bit earlier and see how you feel in the morning! Decide the night before what you could do in the morning with your time. Maybe you will enjoy a peaceful cup of coffee, or some quiet time to yourself, maybe go for a jog before the world wakes up, you could even learn a new language! Use your time for the things that you WANT to do, don’t just waste time waiting for the next thing to happen and complain you don’t have time to do whatever it is.

Take hold of your life and do what you love!

Thanks for coming home!


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