Hanging pictures with a nail?

Still hanging pictures with a nail? Time to toss that nail and use some of these!

These are my new favourite thing in the house. I love them for hanging all kinds of things.

I have used them to hang various decorations. (Pro tip: leave one side attached to your decor item and one where you hang it on the wall; now you can easily change your decor without using a new set each time.) I have used them to hang pictures, to hang whiteboard signs, and chore lists, even to place remotes on the underside or side of the coffee table.

These also come in a wide variety of sizes so they can suit all your hanging needs!

Anytime that I have had to remove them and re-stick them elsewhere, they have come off the wall with ease and maintained adhesion to the new surface, especially for some of the lighter weight items like decorations.

These make it easy to change the location of all sorts of things on the walls.

That hits the nail on the head!

Thanks for coming home!

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