The best cleaning hack EVER!

A very wise woman once told me how she revolutionized a new laundry system. Do you know what she told me she does?? I bet you’ll never guess…she said…

“I just do it!”

All those hours of figuring out just what the most efficient way to do the laundry could be, yet the best way to do it? Is just to DO it!

Just like doing the dishes! Wiping the table! Vacuuming! Cleaning the bathrooms!

It’s not about finding the perfect cloth, or storing the vacuum in the perfect place. It’s about getting down and dirty and just facing the fact that it’s gotta get done.

Anything on your priority list, if it needs to happen then you just gotta DO it!

You can spend hours looking up ways of doing your chores faster or how to dust the baseboards while cleaning grout while also ensuring you are getting your steps in *at the same time!!!* to ensure maximum efficiency, all to find out that it actually can’t be done that way. You will have spent all that time seeking answers and yet, you still just have to do it anyway! No system will remove the elbow grease and hard work you need to put into your home.

Sometimes the easiest and most efficient shortcut is to actually do the thing!

Get’er done!

So go be uber efficient, and DO something on your list!

Thanks for coming home!

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