Happy New Year!

Whether you are celebrating with only your household, or with friends and family, enjoy some of these ideas for making it a fun and memorable New Year Extravaganza!

Have a big glow party!

Hit up your local dollar store and get a bunch of glow sticks, or glow stuff! With it dark so early, you can always have a glow party before the actual countdown…that way the kids can get to bed earlier too!

Get some decorations!

Have the kids help decorate the house in the morning to get them excited for the day. Better yet have them make some fun decorations! Nothing puts them into a party mood than getting kids involved in the planning and decorating!

Celebrate with some special treats!

Why not time them, every hour or hour and a half pull out some new kind of snack or appetizer! Grab some tasty food from the grocery store that you wouldn’t normally get in order to keep it exciting and different from any other day!

Play some games!

You can play a timed game like pop a balloon every hour. Inside the balloon will be a description of a minute to win it game! Games like toss as many mini marshmallows into a cup as you can in 30 seconds, or build a cup tower in one minute and see how high it can get, there are so many suggestions online.

If you have little ones, or medium sized ones, that are trying to go the distance, it’s great to have mini mile-markers. That way if they don’t last, there is still something fun to celebrate each hour. Help them by building the excitement and label treats or new activities with a time. Or, if you have super little ones, why not countdown to noon! At least it’s a 12:00 to countdown to!

However you are celebrating this year, I hope you have a very happy and healthy New Year!

Thanks for coming home!


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