Prepping your mental health tool kit

Ever wish you had tools at the ready to pull yourself out of a funk? Or to help you when you’re feeling down? Maybe you need motivation, or energy, maybe you need patience…whatever the ‘tools’ are just make sure you have your tool kit stocked to help parent the kids when you reach your limit, or to deal with the house when it’s overwhelming.

Start thinking now about your mental health toolkit and get ready for 2022.

Each year, I try to do a bit of self assessing and self reflection on what keeps me sane. There are so many reasons why I loose my patience at various times, but what are the things that help me stay connected to me. To my goals! Outside of EVERYONE else!!!

Start questioning yourself about what you really want! Think about only you for a bit. What do you value? What do you value about yourself? Your partner? Your kids? Your work? Your friends?

How do you want to spend your time? Really think about it! What is most important to you? Is there anything you tell yourself you don’t have time to do?

What do you want your life to look like? Chaotic and overwhelming? Calm and peaceful? Fun and adventurous? Make it happen!

Write stuff down, type it out, or make a big vision board – either way, really think about it, and visualize it, and dream it. Once you have figured out how the end goal looks, start taking the baby steps to get there.

It’s a great activity to do with some time off between Christmas and New Year’s. Especially in anticipation of some goal setting for your March 1st goals! (See why: Thinking ahead…).

Don’t know how to get started? Try writing down all of the things that you wish you had done in 2021! Think about it in terms of both a pandemic year and non-pandemic year. What do you wish you had done despite COVID? What do you wish you had done if there was no COVID? Why not also examine the things your aren’t so proud of? Is there anything you could have done differently in moments of stress?

Struggling with motivation? Think about things that you have done in the past that help you over your life hurdles. Think about your self-talk. What have you said to yourself that has worked, or that doesn’t work.

Another way to look at it might be to think about how you motivate or encourage your kids? No matter what, our kids end up being a bit like us parents…so what you do to motivate them, just might work for you too. Think about what encouraging words you would use for them if they were feeling what you’re feeling. Say it to yourself. Give yourself a pep talk and get ready for another year but with a new outlook.

Think about what you need, and enjoy the process of figuring out what you need to do to reset, or to reach your goals.

Get on your way to creating and loving your beautiful life!

Thanks for coming home!

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