Another great motivator!

If you want to feel good about progress that seems never ending…

Take TONS of pictures!

Take a picture either daily or every time you work on the job or project. Try to stand in roughly the same spot so that you can easily compare your progress. It’s amazing how much of a boost you can get by being able to really see the proof of how far you’ve come!

Check out these examples…

Here’s another angle for motivation to keep going!

You can also take photos of your dump loads, or your donation deliveries…

Whatever never ending project you’re working on, they key is to keep going. Bit by bit. Pictures capture so much that you can’t see by being knee deep in the muck that you’re dealing with. They are such a great reminder to pat yourself on your back and realize that you are working hard!

So go take some pics of your project, and take another the next day! Use it to stay motivated and commited to your goal!

Thanks for coming home!


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