A fresh new coat!

I don’t know what it is about a fresh new coat of paint, but I think nothing feels better than popping a lid off a paint can and dipping the brush in.

Out of all of the spaces I am currently working on, I think painting my old craft room is the most exciting. We moved into our house almost 14 years ago (wow! Time flies…anyhoo…) and this room is one of the only rooms left still untouched by my brush! Not that I really mind the colour, but it’s exciting to make it our own. I’ve never really known what colour to paint it, so I just never bothered. Now that I am getting to it though, I realize how long I have been wanting to do it!

I forgot to take a true before picture of the closet, but all of the closets in the house had acquired a putrid yellowish colour, so as we finished each room I was always excited to get into the closet and freshen it up. I have finally done this closet…

I just can’t stand that yellow, and the picture doesn’t even make it look as bad as it does in real life!

What a difference a bit of paint can make!

Anytime I am painting a room, I always try to put a coat on the trim as well. This room desperately needed it!! I purposely get a bit of trim paint up the wall so that I can get a nice sharp line of the new wall colour.

I am so excited to share some true before and after pictures of this room! Especially with all the clutter that once lived in here. I have actively been working on this room, bit by bit, since January…well that’s not true, basically since the kids were born…but with this whole transition of the house in mind, since January. I had been unmotivated to do much of anything with this room because, other than using it for crafting, it never really had a direction. Crafting is too general a purpose, so it became more of a dumping of craft supplies, than a useable craft room. It has taken a lot of work to get to where it is now.

Just because the clutter is out of here, and some of it has moved to a permanent home, the work is far from done. After I have painted and we have moved a bed into the room the work shifts from me to the kids! I am excited to get them working in the confines of their room, and teaching them even more about being happy with less. Hopefully, it won’t take them as long to get settled into their new spaces!

The adults are taking the house back!!

Thanks for coming home!

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