Only the essentials!

Use the month, starting now…because, why not just start right away!

Buy ONLY what you absolutely NEED!!!

That means, no getting nails done, no buying that random thing at Walmart because it’s on sale and you may use it over the summer, no buying that random thing at Costco because you may never get the opportunity to buy it again (don’t you hate that about Costco?)

No non-essential purchases are to be made for the entire month!! Share the challenge with the kids or anyone else in the household! Make sure everyone knows!!

Need groceries? What do you really need? Narrow in on the essentials list. Need milk? Need produce? How much or how little. Is dried pasta on sale, and you want to grab a few extra for the pantry…do you REALLY need it!? Try to get by without it!

Kids want to buy toys with their saved up money? Is it something they actually need? Probably not! Have them wait until next month – who knows they may not even still want it by then!

I love this kind of challenge – it helps the kids see how much extra we really buy and don’t actually need AND it saves some money!

So just buy the absolute essentials…for the entire month!! It may seem hard at first, but you may find it easier than you think!

Thanks for coming home!


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