Cleaning the caddy

Do you have a little cleaning caddy that you take around the house with your cleaning supplies in it? Or do you just keep your cleaning supplies on a shelf and you grab whatever you need, then go and clean? Do you store your cleaning products in a drawer somewhere?

I love my caddy. But there are days I pull out my caddy to go clean a bathroom and as I use some of the products, I look at the caddy and think ‘I guess I better clean this too!’

Whatever way you store your products, have you ever looked at the bottom of the drawer after pulling out a bottle and noticed some grime under it? Or some residue on the shelf?

No one really likes to clean right? I mean, am I right? I love the finished clean stuff after I am done, but I don’t really enjoy the process of actually cleaning! BUT, if my cleaning supplies are organized and not overly dirty, I may enjoy the process a little more. Anything to encourage the cleaning, right?

I also load up my cleaning caddies as I need to clean various places around the house. I love the idea of batch cleaning!! So if it’s bathroom day, I will load up my caddy with all of the supplies needed to deep clean each bathroom. Then I will carry the caddy from bathroom to bathroom until it’s all done. Same for deep cleaning the kitchen, I load up the caddy and head to the kitchen!

But, when I pull my empty caddies from the closet, I hate seeing this…

Ok, so maybe it doesn’t look as bad in the picture.

But I hate putting my clean cloths into the dirty little spaces!

As I start to see a build up of dust or grime or they just look icky, then it pays off to give them a quick wipe! Same goes for a shelf or drawer. A quick wipe goes a long way.

A minute or two later, and a couple of Lysol wipes, and boom! Just like new!

I love it when things shine!

Thanks for coming home!

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