When decluttering is overwhelming

Who isn’t overwhelmed when it comes to decluttering? Even if you’re a minimalist! Any amount of clutter can easily become overwhelming! You can easily get stuck while looking around a room or space and all you see is mess and clutter! Follow these easy steps to make it seem not so daunting.

  1. Start! Don’t think too long or too much. Just get started!
  2. Pull out only garbage or recycling – NOTHING ELSE!!! Try to not even notice anything else, focus only on the garbage and recycling!
  3. Pick out the stuff that has a known home – grab a box or bin and grab everything that you know you can easily put away or the stuff that already has a designated spot. Carry the box or bin around the house until it’s empty and all that stuff is put away.
  4. Separate the leftovers into keep and don’t keep – If there’s no obvious home for the rest of the stuff maybe you don’t truly need it…even if you want to keep it!

Now, you should have a much smaller pile of keep stuff to deal with – hopefully it makes the pile seem more manageable. If it’s still overwhelming at this point, then put the stuff in a bin and save it for tomorrow – don’t wait too long or it will become a disaster of multiple bins full of the most random things that you will never want to deal with…trust me! Sometimes taking a SHORT time away from the stuff makes it easier to make decisions. OR, maybe, you will realize you actually don’t need that stuff that you originally wanted to keep.

Following these steps doesn’t make it fool proof but it should help you focus on a section that at first seemed too overwhelming to get started on.

Hopefully you can just be whelmed at home…not over-whelmed!

Thanks for coming home!

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