It pays to be frugal!

It sure pays off to know how to get a good deal on stuff – especially stuff you need like toothbrushes and toothpaste, deodorant etc, but also on the stuff you really only dream of having like a beautiful outdoor conversation set, or high quality camping gear!

There is basically no reason to ever buy stuff at full price – unless it’s something you actually need (and you’re careful about your definition of need!)

It also helps to have someone show you the ropes, so to speak! The couponing/price matching/deal hunting world can be a bit daunting if you’re not used to it.

It really all comes down to two critical pieces of knowledge!

Know your prices and know what a good deal really is.

Noticing that something is on sale in the flyer doesn’t even always make it a great deal. Sure, you could save 30 – 50 cents on a product at the grocery store and those little amounts do add up – but it’s not a deal to really write home about. If you can find items for next to nothing or use a coupon when an item is already on sale – then we are starting to get into better deals!

If you’re gonna hit up the mall for a shopping spree, head to the very back of each store! You will likely find a discount rack at the back. Of course they make you walk by all the brand new full priced items, but you may find items that are 75-80% off their regular price if you continue walking to the back!

To dab into the couponing world, you could start small. Is there a product you always buy? Like a certain shampoo or even a brand of laundry detergent? You could just search that product on your phone and chances are you could find a coupon! Or you could peruse a coupon board at the doorway of your local grocery store. If it’s for something you are already going to buy, why not give it a try!

If you’re curious about price matching, again start small. Confirm that the store you are shopping at does in fact offer price matching (not all of them do!). If you are planning on buying milk let’s say, start by searching some flyers for milk (super easy to do a search using the Flipp app or some other local flyer app). You’ll have to double check the brand of milk and make sure it’s the same as the brand you are going to buy. Then just show the cashier the product in the flyer (in the Flipp app – or cut out items from the actual flyers – or just bring the whole flyer with you) and boom! Price matched! There are some limitations, my line at first was “I am new to price matching, can I price match this item to this ad in the flyer?” I found the cashiers were generally pretty good! Sometimes they would even ask me if I wanted to price match anything else, or they may offer up another match on another item! Other times the cashiers would be really rude about it and roll their eyes while I fumble with my phone, but it works nonetheless!

Bargain hunting is my favourite! And bargain hunting with a pro is the best!! When you’re bargain hunting you may have to let go of some previous standards on how used an item is in order to make it acceptable for you to buy it. I have never had too many issues with certain products – I mean, I am not going looking for used toilet paper!! But some used shoes, clothing, furniture etc has never been a problem for me. Especially as a mom! Buying used toys is the best way to go!! Unless it’s Lego and missing the most critical part! Now that spring is around the corner start looking up garage sales in your area or hit up a local thrift or second hand store! Look up local outlet, liquidation or surplus stores – often you can even find brand new items at these stores! BUT, buyer be warned – be sure to check expiry dates on food and check out clothing and footwear for wear and tear because most of the time items will not be returnable.

The other great way to find good condition high quality used items is to search on buy and sell groups on social media platforms like Facebook or Kijiji. Sometimes people upgrade their stuff, but their old stuff isn’t even that used!

You may actually find that by bargain hunting you can pay the same price but buy better quality products or higher end items than you otherwise would by buying cheaper brands from your local Walmart!

Happy hunting!

Thanks for coming home!

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