Make it an Easter to remember!

I love all the holidays throughout the year! I love the opportunity to create memories and excitement for the kids! I also love trying to create challenges for each age or phase to keep the kids engaged.

My kids have now graduated from a standard Easter egg hunt to a slightly more advanced level. They now collect treats where some of the treats include a letter, and they have to work together to solve a word scramble before finding their larger Easter treat/item.

I can fondly recall memories of my parents making more extravagant hunts as we got older, and it made it so fun! I mean who doesn’t love a good hunt but adding a puzzle element just tops it off! One year we even needed to receive a decoder in order to solve the puzzle!!

As a treat/item for Easter, instead of just giving a large chocolate bunny or candy, I love giving the kids garden tools or seeds to plant. I love helping them develop an appreciation for how plants grow, and that yard work can be satisfying! Especially if we can transfer their plants or flowers to larger pots or even right into the garden. At the very least, for Easter, I try to find something they can use outside. We usually use some of the Easter weekend to play outside and often it’s one of the first weekends we can really enjoy the weather and some sunshine! It’s so fun to watch them enjoy something more unique than getting them another similar toy or item to a birthday or Christmas gift.

Sometimes I can’t help but wonder what a waste or expense all these holidays are becoming – so I try to think outside the box a little. A seed package goes for anywhere between $1.00-4.00 at any local store, buying a cute little planter for it can be fun too, then I might add some little gardening gloves and maybe a small bag of dirt.

Another great idea for an annual Easter gift is a new bathing suit and towel – just in time for summer water fun! You could add either some pool toys or some inflatable floaties for a pool or beach depending on what kind of water access they may have over the summer.

Thinking ahead to how the kids will be spending the summer is a great way to generate unique ideas. If your kids are going to be in some kind of sports camp – they may need some new equipment or some new sport clothing. If the kids will be in a special interest camp – they may need some special tools. Maybe it’s a matter of giving them tickets to an event, or a tourist attraction that they really want to attend. Rather than going to the store and seeking out specialized Easter themed gift ideas (that may just end up cluttering your home!) – think about how you can give them something useful or practical.

You could even try to avoid gifts all together and plan a larger scale hunt at a park or even around town. Make them find certain letters, words or numbers from signs they may walk past. Or plan a scavenger hunt and go on a family hike while solving the clues! Sure, it may take a bit more work, but planning early and being able to create those great memories will be worth it!

Is there a unique tradition or activity you do for Easter? Share in the comments!

Thanks for coming home!

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