Enjoying some peace and chaos!

When I think of traveling, I think of a sunny beach, a chill environment, and a cold fruity drink in one hand! I think of it as a bit of a peace and quiet as I escape from my day-to-day reality.

Traveling with kids, is like a whole lot of chaos with perhaps a few tiny fragments of peace! (Especially as the kids get older!)

The great thing about traveling is that it allows you to cut out all the distractions of home life, social lives, school commitments, even extra curricular commitments and just focus on the moments! It gives you time to listen to the kids laughing, or ask them what their interests are or what they want to see or do, it gives time to spend with your partner in the evening without the fight over who does the dishes this time (even if you have to be whispering one bed over).

We recently went away for just a couple nights, and it makes you realize that the adventure spirit of kids does not need you to spend a fortune! Just drive for an hour, find a reasonable hotel, ensure it has a pool and the kids will have a great time! It provides a bit of distance from the reality of the daily grind. It also provides a bit of a refreshed outlook on my chores! Suddenly I want to cook, or tidy or freshen up the house!

It provides a different scenery with a bit of peace, with a side of chaos, but….at least it’s a bit of adventure and something other than the day to day to look forward to!

Happy travels!

Thanks for coming home!

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