The best way to organize!

When it comes to deciding how to organize your stuff, it can be overwhelming. There are so many options. Bins, hangers, cubby units, full storage solutions, built ins for any room, under the bed storage, over doorway storage shelf – the options are limitless.

You really wanna know the best way to organize your stuff? Like, THE most critical thing? Ready for it?


Get rid of the stuff you don’t need! That is really the best first thing to do. When you take the time to get rid of the stuff you don’t need then you know what you ACTUALLY want to store, then you can buy a system that will actually help!

How many times do you stumble on an area of your house that is cluttered? You take a good look at it and see that maybe it’s mostly mail! So, you head out to the store, you buy some fancy new mail sorter, and you excitedly bring it home – thrilled that you will no longer have any trouble with your cluttered mail, ever again!! You get it home, set it up…then find that the following week or a couple of weeks later, you have your fancy new mail sorter full of mail! And even some mail spilling out of it!! The clutter area is not cluttered because of the organizer or lack of before purchasing the new mail sorter…it’s actually the system! The human system of dealing with the mail. The mail is building up because it is not being dealt with and decluttered. Spending any amount of money on a new mail organizer is overspending if you don’t deal with the stuff first!

Mail is an easy example. It builds up quickly but is a relatively easy clutter problem to fix because most of it can just be recycled. But for some of the other areas of the house it might be not so obvious to think about the stuff and getting rid of a bunch of it before buying some new fancy solution.

So, when you stumble upon an area in the house that is bothering you and you really want to organize the space, don’t just hit up the store to buy a new system, look at what is cluttering the space first. See if any of the stuff can permanently move out of the space first. Find any way to get the space to have ONLY what you really want, then and only then is it worth figuring out if a new organizer will work. Look up different possibilities either on shopping sites or idea sites, ask friends what they use, or decide if a new organizer will truly help.

So, in the end, the best way to organize your space is to get rid of some of the stuff!!!

Thanks for coming home!

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