It’s Nerf or nothin’

If you have kids…or…if you have any boys in the house, you may find yourself overrun by Nerf related items from time to time. Be it bullets, guns, or both…you may find the items in very strange places…

Like on a piano…

The complaint I get is that there is no where to store the items. Well, I happen to know that’s not true – they just don’t want to put them away. I provided a designated bin in the basement among the rest of the toys where they can always put their guns, and even a separate bin for the bullets. Apparently, it wasn’t easy enough!

So, they used boxes…or the floor – which, I will admit, is a much easier place to put the toys!

In my decluttering of the house, I have rid us of most of our costumes, which was the reason to own a double rod clothing rack. I was about to post it for sale when I decided to do a quick search of Pinterest to see if I could repurpose this thing. Well low and behold…I found a Nerf gun storage idea that just struck me!

So, I decided to give it a go.

A couple of storage bins, some quick cuts of a rope and some new hooks from Amazon, I now have a kid approved storage solution for Nerf guns and bullets. We may still work on a better bullet storage solution, but so far it seems to be a hit!

Little do they know; I keep mine loaded at my desk! You never know when a random Nerf war will be upon you!!

Thanks for coming home!

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