One step at a time!

Generally, when there is a change in season, I find that I get overwhelmed quickly. With spring upon us (and some sort of promise of getting warmer weather…any day now…hopefully!) I find myself once again overwhelmed with my to do list. Now, not only do I have a bunch of tasks and chores and projects that I want to do on the inside of the house, but I also have tasks, chores, and projects that I want to do outside! Not to mention that I get started on an outside task only to have it rain and am forced to put that task on hold, to start another task inside then get a great weather day outside. I am so back and forth leaving a wake of chaos behind me of partial tasks!

AHH! What to do!?

It will all come together eventually – sure, it can’t be all at once like I might want, but eventually. So, since it will in fact all come together – I can choose to do the tasks in complete disarray and try to jump the whole staircase at once, or I can accept that over the course of a few weekends, or a whole month I can take it one step at a time! I will get the same result. So, I might as well simplify, rather than creating a stressful disaster!

Doing little bits of everything at once makes for a scatterbrained feeling and a sense of disorganization and ill-thought-out planning.


Just write down a list of the things you want to be able to accomplish (break down the big things like “tidy yard” into much smaller tasks) then just tackle them one thing at a time. Pro tip: before you start crossing stuff off the list take a couple highlighters to it. Use one colour for outside tasks, and one for inside tasks to make it easier to spot the tasks when the weather forces your hand!

As much as I want to be able to do it all at once, it almost always ends up in me feeling like a disorganized failure! Why not give yourself a chance, and just do it one step at a time!

You can choose the amount of pressure or stress your tasks force on you! You choose how many steps you jump.

It is way easier to climb the mountain one…step…at…a…time!

Thanks for coming home!


  1. I’m in the same boat, my to-do list seems to have grown overnight! Like your tip on colour coding according to type of task, I do the same thing with labels in my Trello system. Another tip is to prioritise your list. Work out if it’s really something that needs to be done soon or if it can be moved into the ‘someday’ or even ‘maybe’ list


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