It just “Dawn”ed on me!

Using Dawn dish soap as an all around multipurpose cleaner has definitely streamlined my cleaning caddy. For most purposes I simply squirt the soap directly onto whatever I’m cleaning then add a bit of elbow grease. Bathtubs sparkle, sinks come clean, and stubborn stickers peel away with ease.

Want something more?

If you want to boost Dawn’s cleaning power and versatility try mixing it with some vinegar or just some warm water. Now you have a great multipurpose spray for anything in the kitchen or bathroom. It’s great for wiping down cabinets and even mopping the floors! It’s also great on mirrors or windows, and all those outdoor decor or furniture items you need to spruce up in the spring. You can even use it as a weed killer for the patio or for weeds that pop up between patio stones.

Want something easy?

If you’d rather buy a product, check out Dawn Powerwash. It’s a more liquid version of Dawn dish soap in a convenient spray bottle. I just spray it directly on all kinds of surfaces then use a cloth to scrub or wipe until it dries to prevent streaking.

One product with all kinds of purposes and functions! What more could someone trying to declutter, ever really want!?

How do you use Dawn?

Thanks for coming home!

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