Kick the clutter for summer, Challenge #3

This challenge is all about your bedroom closet and your summer wardrobe!

Ask yourself a few questions as you go through your clothes. The toughest part, and where you actually realize the most gain, is to be brutally honest with yourself. As you go through your clothes, think about each item carefully. Use the following questions if you find it hard to pick out items to get rid of.

Would you buy it right now if you were shopping?

Do you love it so much that you would buy it again right now if you could? Is it outdated, and you feel like it’s too old of a style to bother buying right now?

Does it fit?

Don’t kid yourself, there are too many great clothing pieces being made all the time! Set a goal for yourself! Make it so that you could pull out any item and already know that it fits! Sure, we all fluctuate a bit with those 5-10 lbs, but overall make sure your closet isn’t full of a bunch of clothes that are either way to big or way too small – if there are too many sizes in your closet, it’s a surefire way to be unhappy with yourself as you get ready for a last minute event!

How does it make you feel when you’re wearing it?

You might need to try a few things on through the process. As you try items on think about how it makes you feel. Does it boost your confidence, diminish it, or make you feel neutral? Life’s too short not to feel amazing!

When was the last time you wore it?

Truthfully??? Have you ever worn it?? Do you have a hard time remembering when you last wore something? Try this great hanger tip: after doing your laundry (or every January), hang your clothes on your hanger, but turn your hanger so that the hanger hangs backwards on the rod. Now any clothing item that is on a hanger where the hanger is hanging the “wrong” way, is easily identified as being worn. This process allows you to quickly decide over time (or every January) whether it’s worth keeping an unworn item or not.

Now go forth, and get down to business! You may not want to commit to dealing with your closet all in one day, but at least look at every item! Shift things around in your closet so that you can distinguish between items you have decided to keep and items you still have to sort through.

Get your closet summer ready and have fun!

Thanks for coming home!


  1. Love all of the tips, especially the “Would you buy it right now if you were shopping?” Makes you think of the item in a new light.


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