Our Summer Bucket List

Summer break is once again approaching quickly. You may remember some of my tips from last year’s Summer post. (If not, go check it out: Have fun planning your fun!).

I want to use this post to share how we do our summer bucket list in a bit more detail. I start with four categories and each person picks something from each category. Here are the details for the categories:

Crafting or something with your hands

This can literally be anything creative. Things like painting or drawing, but even building something, gardening or baking! There are so many things you can do with your hands! Even bug hunting!! (If your kids are into that sort of thing!) Take the time to think outside the box to find something you really want to do.

Learning or something for your mind

This can be anything related to learning. If you want to add a bit of excitement to the learning why not take the kids to a museum, or a nature centre to enjoy some interactive learning. Or you could do some research online or at the library about a special topic of interest. It could even come down to taking a special interest course to learn a new skill.

Action or something for your body

This is all about movement and activity. Whether it’s trying a new sport, or achieving a distance goal for riding a bike, or running. Pick something that will challenge your body. It can even be something simpler like finding a new area to hike around, or a waterfall to discover, as long as it’s something physical!

Entertainment or something for fun

This is just pure enjoyment! It’s all about picking something that is fun and that you otherwise might not make time to do. Think outside the box on this one too! Look up ideas if you can’t think of anything or need some inspiration.

I love emphasizing these categories because I feel like they cover so many ways to really enjoy life. Each person in the house should come up with one thing from each category! By the time you fit it all in, it likely spreads a nice balance through the summer of things to fill the time, not to mention any other camps, day trips, or overnight trips that are already planned. When each person picks something it helps to keep anyone from feeling left out. If your family is a larger family, why not use it as a full year bucket list – hopefully some activities will fit into a variety of seasons! If not, try using a two-year cycle. Pick two categories one summer, and the other two the following summer.

Keep in mind, this doesn’t only pertain to families, or even to just kids!

This is for EVERYONE!!

You could do this with friends through the summer, or a boyfriend or girlfriend, do it as newlyweds, or soon to be parents, even as a retired couple! The idea is just that everyone gets a turn to pick something they really want to do!

You set your own limits if required. If money is tight, add a layer that anything picked has to be free, or cost less than a certain amount. If you don’t have access to a car, look up ways to take transit or ride a bike. Whether or not you have a car you could still set geographical boundaries like no farther than a certain distance or travel time. You may need to set timeline limits, like it can only be a half day time commitment, or only on weekends. Make it fit in your schedule and see just how much fun you can have!

Make a family night/date night out of creating your summer bucket list. Grab the family, your partner, or friends; grab some pens or markers and make a bucket list poster for the summer!

Thanks for coming home!


    • Absolutely! Sometimes the summer flies by and I feel like we didn’t get to do all the things I had wanted to do! So at least the really important things don’t get forgotten! Thanks for sharing!!


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