Kick the Clutter for Summer; Challenge #4

The final challenge for our June challenge series is…

The garage!

We are finishing this challenge series in the garage because it opens up easy opportunities for summer fun, AND easy access to possible boredom busters for the kids, or just easy access to gardening accessories or yardwork equipment.

Use this challenge to get rid of any garbage or scrap wood or metal that has been taking up space in the garage. Also consider disposing of any hazardous waste like old paint cans or other chemical products.

Use it to get rid of toys that have been outgrown or broken! Ensure the toys are easy for the kids to help themselves (so that you can enjoy some uninterrupted coffee!)

Use this chance to set things up for easy summer fun! Ensure that any ‘toys’ (kids’ or adults’) are handy AND all in one piece! Organize the stuff in the garage by activity if need be!

Use it to dream of how to use open space in the garage for the summer and for thinking ahead to simple car storage in the winter. If you find you just don’t have the right storage space, consider adding shelves or hooks to make your life easier. Don’t underestimate the use of open rafters if you have it, or utilizing a ceiling hoist if need be.

Make the most of the weekend, and take a load off…to the dump!!

Thanks for coming home!

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