There is no motivation without action

Have you ever really been motivated to clean a dirty toilet? Or to vacuum the floors? How about cleaning out your car?

Usually, it’s a task list checkmark that is actually motivating you, or an intolerable mess that you just can’t look at anymore! Either way, the motivation isn’t necessarily to do the task, it’s to have the task done.

The motivation comes from the tiny actions you take, in order to get to the end of the task!

If you need to clean toilets, the little actions are getting up off the chair or couch, then getting the cleaner and a toilet brush, then just walking into the bathroom, then scrubbing the toilet and wiping the outside of it.

You may need some motivation to study for a school assignment or exam, or maybe you need motivation to sit and write, or maybe it’s motivation to start a project you are unsure how to do. Maybe you want to undertake a huge decluttering project! You may struggle to find the motivation to get started on any of it. Motivation is such a strange thing, it’s almost not a natural urge. You may in fact never find true motivation to do a task or project, unless you take some small actions to get you started.

Even a new fitness routine, or diet plan – if you are used to drinking pop or eating sweets, you may find it hard to find the motivation to stop. If one day you decide you will only have a pop with lunch let’s say or have a smaller dessert, then you are more likely to gather some motivation to repeat those same actions again. But it usually must start with an action rather than seeking the motivation within yourself.

When you’re tired, it’s hard to be motivated to do anything but sit on the couch and chill! Even if your kid is begging you to play soccer or mini sticks with you! If you take a small action, like getting up and holding a stick or ball, it can make a big difference to your motivation to actually play. It’s the small action of getting up that kicks off the feeling of getting motivated to play.

Motivational phrases like “believe in yourself and follow your dreams” or “keep going, you never know what happens next” etc, basically imply that you can implicitly motivate yourself, and as long as you are interested in the goal you will always stay motivated, excited and be encouraged to work towards your goals. In reality, if you don’t continue to take small actions, then the motivation to get started or to keep going, may waiver and you may ‘fall off the bandwagon’ of your goal.

Motivation is more about action! So keep up the action, to find your motivation.

Thanks for coming home!


  1. I love the quote, β€œLife rewards action
    – not intention, not insight, not wisdom, not understanding.”
    It ties in so nicely with your post.


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