A special guest on Book Interrupted

I have an exciting episode of Book Interrupted to share with you all today. The author of the book I suggested (The 4% Fix), came on the show!!

Karma Brown is the name of the author and she was so pleasant to chat with. It felt like we were all chatting like old friends!

She was talking about the book, and how she uses her extra hour – she even said she sometimes uses it to play a game or to binge watch some of her favourite shows! She emphasized the idea that the extra hour is meant for you to unwind. She encourages people to refrain from putting extra pressure on themselves, and rather use it to do something they truly enjoy! It’s not about using it for productivity, or to do an extra hour of work for your employer; it’s all about using it for something fun, and something you feel like you never make time for during the day when life gets busy.

I hope you all enjoy it!

Here is a link to the Youtube video:
Interview with Author Karma Brown- Off The Shelf EP6

Here is a link to the website for the podcast:
Off The Shelf Episode 6

If you have had the chance to read the book, how do you use your extra hour of time that you carve out for yourself? If you haven’t yet read the book, think about the things you really wish you had time for? What would you use an extra hour for?

Thanks for coming home!

I also wanted to share a special shout out to all my friends on Book Interrupted! What a great time I had working with everyone on the show! Thank you! What a laugh we all had!


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