My productivity ‘plan 4’ today!

Even if you’re sleep deprived, have a new baby, getting ready to move or just have a mile long to do list, who can’t use a bit of productivity boosting ideas, right?

I have always loved looking up ways of being more efficient with my time. I love the idea of working hard to play hard.

Whether you like to plan for the day the night before or the morning of, it can save so much time and angst in not procrastinating to simply write down a quick list. I know…another list – have I mentioned that I love lists??!!

This list is meant to get you through those tasks that you just keep putting off…the ones you dread! The ones you never have motivation for!

When I create a plan for any day, I always try to think of a mix of fun things to try to get me through the not so fun things! But if I spread it all out too much through the day, I find that I let myself off the hook for some of the hard or not so fun things to do, convincing myself that I will actually get them done tomorrow! Then set to repeat!!

‘Plan 4’ today instead!

My ‘plan 4’ list consists of choosing 4 tasks or projects for your to do list. To use the system write down two fun things and two things you really HAVE to do but really do not want to do!

When you are planning out your free time, whether it’s morning, day time or in the evening use this breakdown for your list:

  1. Something fun! Plan something simple, easy and fun! Something that lifts your spirits and makes you feel great!
  2. The hardest or worst thing! Now add the the thing you really don’t want to do. This should be the hardest thing. The thing you would otherwise avoid at all costs!
  3. The next hardest thing! This spot is for the second hardest thing.
  4. Another fun thing! This works best if it’s something you really do want to do! This is your reward! Afterall, you just got two of the most difficult things crossed off your list!! Yay!!

To really get the most out of the system you need to carve off enough time to get all these 4 things done in order AND in quick succession. The biggest bang for your time and effort will come if you do the two hard items right after your spirits are lifted! Then make sure you really do both of those hard things. Use the satisfaction of getting the hardest thing done to motivate you to jump into the next hardest thing. At least when that is done you have another enjoyable thing to finish off the list!

If you’ve been procrastinating on getting something done, this is a great system to keep your progress moving forward. You decide the limits on either the type or size of the tasks or your time alotted for each item or the full list. But like I said, the more you can bang out all 4 tasks one after the other, the more success you will have with it!

So use it to ‘plan 4’ tomorrow and get those pesky things crossed off your list once and for all…or if it’s recurring, then at least for now!

Thanks for coming home!


  1. What a great idea. I’m guilty of procrastinating tasks which I find difficult but putting them on a list along side a “fun” task might just be what I need to do


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