What’s your mantra?

When it comes to either cleaning, organizing, or decluttering you need to have some way to keep yourself motivated, or committed to the final goal – especially since these types of goals have no real end!

You can do hours of work on organizing a cupboard, just to find that same cupboard disorganized within a week. Same with cleaning; vacuuming is a perfect example. I put the vacuum away just to feel like I need to pull it out again hours later! Decluttering too! It truly is a never ending journey – even if you’re a minimalist!

Staying motivated to stay on top of it all is very challenging!

Use a catchy phrase or mantra to keep you going!

Wake up in the morning and say your mantra to yourself in the mirror. Repeat it a couple times through the day to remind yourself of why it’s best to stay motivated or to stay the course in order to keep up with your goals.

When working in my kitchen I often think:
“Clean counter at night, calm coffee in the morning!”

When working in my closet, I often think:
“Empty hangers means easier choices!”

When I have to do my cleaning jobs, I often think:
“I wish I had a cleaning lady!”…well, I really say to myself “I will just pick one task then see how I feel” (and then, I generally end up doing more than one task!)

My main mantra, and I always say it to the kids, is

“Work hard, play harder!” or “work fast, play longer!”

I always try to tell the kids that if we can work hard and early in the day, then we can just play the rest of the day away! I try to teach them to be efficient with the things they HAVE to do, so they can have more time to do what they WANT to do! Of course, because they are kids, and all about instant gratification – it is sometimes a very hard lesson for them to adapt!

So what’s your mantra? What phrases or words keep you going? Share in the comments!

Thanks for coming home!

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