Repurpose the extras

Are you harboring a bunch of random bottles with some amounts of shampoo or conditioner in them? I find that sometimes I change hair products part way into a bottle – I know I should just use it up, but sometimes the product simply does not agree with my hair!

Have you ever thought of using your products in a different way?

You could make your own detangler – just add a teeny bit of your conditioner into a spray bottle filled with water. Mix it up and spray it on any time your locks are getting crazy!

Frizzy hair tamer – did you know that you can simply rub a tiny amount of conditioner in your hands, then spread it through your hair for an awesome frizz tamer?

Makeup brush cleaner – you can use shampoo to clean your make up brushes! Either dab a bit of shampoo in your hand and rub the brush into it (repeating as needed until the brushes come clean) or mix up a solution of water and a bit of shampoo in a bowl or container and let your brushes soak for about 10 minutes!

Body exfoliating scrub – you can use some of your shampoo as a body wash. Take it up a notch and add some sugar to turn it into an exfoliating scrub.

Make your own dryer sheets – use up some of that conditioner by creating a fabric dryer sheet spray. Mix equal parts conditioner and water in a spray bottle. Spray it directly onto a cloth then toss it into your dryer for a fresh, clean and static free dry!

Hand wash your delicates – you can use your shampoo to handwash some of your delicate laundry! Shampoo is designed to take the oily greasiness out of your hair – well it can do it for your clothes too!

Shaving gel – if you run out of shaving gel, try rubbing some conditioner right onto your legs for a smooth, clean shave!

Hair toner – if you dye your hair any amount of blond then you have probably heard of toners, or blue shampoos. Well, rather than pay for the expensive products, just grab some conditioner, mix in a bit of bright blue hair dye (like the Manic Panic brand – I know, it’s very blue! Trust me). Take the bottle in the shower with you, use the “toner” on your hair by leaving it in your hair for five minutes or less, then wash it out.

If you’re anything like me then you probably have a few bottles lying around. I am always wanting to declutter my products but I can’t bring myself to throw out perfectly good shampoo and conditioner. Hopefully some of these ideas can help you get rid of some of your products by repurposing their use!

Thanks for coming home!

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