Let your kids play in the trash

Ok, well not the trash – but the recycling…

Are you running out of creative ideas of what to do with your kids? If you’re kids have simply been asking for screen time on repeat…then you may need to read this idea!

Dump out your recycling bin in the garage or the yard and let the kids create! All you need to add is some possible supervision, some extra decals like stickers, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, string, permanent markers, paint, and maybe some hot glue or screws and screw drivers.

Some of your supplies (and the amount of supervision) depends on the ages of the kids, but it’s awesome to see what kinds of things kids create with little direction!

Let them pull out a can and talk (dare I say scream) into it. Let them come up with cars, space parts, hot wheel ramps, barbie RVs or just random pieces of….umm….”art”!

Let them use bread tags, cans, plastic, cardboard or whatever else you recycle! Try giving them a challenge, like ‘make something that rolls’, or ‘make something that makes noise’. Or you can just let them play to see what they come up with!

Either way, don’t forget to take pictures and remind them of what an awesome parent you were for letting them play in the trash when they were kids!

Thanks for coming home!

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