Get over it, get under it, get on with it!

I have so much empathy for those trying to declutter their spaces, or wanting to, but them not having the real motivation to dig deep and do it. It is so hard to find a starting point, or if you do find one, it’s hard to find the strength and motivation to keep on doing it! It really is hard! Here are some helpful suggestions.

Get over it!

Getting rid of stuff does not mean that you are erasing part of yourself, or erasing any memories you had associated to the item! Also, getting rid of something you really treasured doesn’t mean that it means less to you now. It’s so much more about what is important to you now? Its about finding those unique treasures that you valued then and still love now – find a way to show them off! Items become important treasures in your life at different times in your life. Just because something meant a lot to you at one point, does not diminish how you felt about it then or now, but maybe something even better has come along.

If you’re focusing on the money you spent, or maybe wasted, on a certain thing…well…I hate to break it to you, but you already wasted your money on it! You could try selling it, or gift it to someone else. If you truly haven’t touched the item in years, and know deep inside you truly have no purpose for it, then it’s stressing you out to keep it – whether you actually realize it or not.

Get under it!

The key to decluttering is getting under all of your stuff to uncover the actual home under your stuff. Free up the carpet, or the wall, or the room, or the closet! It’s about seeing an empty space and let yourself imagine new possibilities for that space. You may end up putting most of the stuff back into a space – but at least now it’s clean; I mean the space is all cleared out, you might as well dust, vacuum or wipe it down while you’re at it.

Get on with it!

Make a decision to get rid of something or keep something, then move on! No need to make the decision again. If you offer it around and no one takes it, and you find yourself wondering if you should actually just keep it…rethink! You already made the decision to get rid of it – so it no longer has a place in your home!

Thanks for coming home!

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