Celebrate every day!

There is literally a reason to celebrate every day. There are so many new special days, like “National donut day”!

Today is no exception. Today is…

National thrift shop day!

What a great day to celebrate a change in season for clothing or decor or get the kids a few ‘new to them’ wardrobe pieces for back to school! Check out your favourite place to thrift for some sales or offers, they may even last through the rest of the week!

Thrift shopping can provide that bit of a rush of finding a good deal, finding some almost new condition items, and feeling like you’re splurging on your kids or family; all without completely breaking the bank!

Pick up some coloured shirts for blue shirt day, or purple, or pink, or orange – like I said, there are so many celebration days even for various colors at schools, so it is handy to find clothes at a good deal!

Before you start cluttering up your house with all sorts of awesome new finds, don’t forget to fill a bag at home before you shop. Try to have a rule that in order to go thrifting, you need to donate a bag of your own stuff. Think of it as a trade in.

What have been some of your best thrifting finds?

I still love a pair of Merrell winter boots I got a few years ago for 8.99$! You just never know what you’ll find!

Happy thrifting on National thrift shop day!

Thanks for coming home!

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