Getting the food ready for back to school

One of my least favourite things to do when back to school gets underway is making dinner every night. I know, I do it now, so what’s the difference right?

It’s totally different!!

I feel like the summer days are endless with the sun going down so late, timing doesn’t really matter, and it’s easy to pop out and grab something if you need any last minute groceries. When back to school starts up again, the kids are crankier and probably ready to eat dinner earlier than they were in the summer, the days already somehow feel short, and often we are running here and there through the evening making timing much more important to pay attention to!

To make it easier – especially while getting back into the swing of things – pull out those handy tried and true recipes. Start using the last bit of time before the summer ends to put together a few freezer meals so that you’re ready for whatever may come your way. Over the weekends and some weeknights you may still not need it, but having at least a couple meals in the freezer can really ease some dinnertime stress!

Prep some freezer spaghetti sauce, or some casseroles, even a few freezer friendly crock pot or instant pot meals. Stock your freezer with some quick go to options like chicken nuggets or freezer pizzas if you want. May as well have some easy options!

Putting in a bit of extra work now can make a huge difference once school, sports, and special interests kick in. Maybe you go back to work when the kids go back to school so why not make life a bit easier for that big change in routine.

Look up some of my posts from my Feed the Freezer series! There are some great tips on what freezes well, and some great ways to “cheat” at making delicious meals in a mere matter of minutes!

Thanks for coming home!

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