Declutter your life. Personal satisfaction edition!

Satisfaction comes from getting something, or accomplishing something right? Ok, let’s think more about that. If satisfaction comes from accomplishing something, or finishing something, what about the things that are never really finished…like housework, or decluttering, or meal planning, or even paid work! It’s all never finished! So how can we possibly be satisfied with our house? Or tasks? Or going to work every day!! We need to look at how we define our goals, and what we are actually getting our satisfaction from.

Maybe it’s time to rethink goals and rewards.

If you take decluttering (as the perfect – NEVER finished goal) – it’s not a fun task, because we actually don’t get any satisfaction from doing it, because it’s never actually finished. We don’t really accomplish decluttering – I mean, as soon as you declutter one space, you immediately find more than double the clutter somewhere else!

Find satisfaction and reward in the process!

If you have a lot of decluttering to do, set a daily timer. Do 30 minutes every day. Find satisfaction in getting to the end of the timer! It’s a timer that beeps, and when it beeps that’s the “accomplishment” of the task. So what if you didn’t finish a room, or even a small closet or drawer! You spent 30 minutes, and you conquered those 30 minutes! The timer finished, and that’s where you can pride yourself with your own satisfaction.

After years of focusing on cleaning, decluttering, and organizing, I have decided that I could literally devote my entire life to my house, and still, maybe, never be satisfied with how it is. I now choose to spend my time mostly with those I care about. I prioritize being present in moments with others or by myself over the house – not that I want to live in a pig sty!! But mostly that some of the house projects, I will get around to, eventually, in my little bits of 30 daily minutes! Or, I may never get to some of the house projects, and if I never ever get to them, life will still be ok!

It’s great to have goals, but goals leave us hungry for more, rather than pausing to really celebrate the accomplishment of the goal.

Celebrate by giving yourself a reward!

Sometimes, satisfaction comes from the prize! So think of your reward before you even get to work or set the timer, even before the week gets underway! I love sitting and sipping my coffee! If I can get up before everyone else in the house, and do my 30 minutes, then I love to just sit on my deck sipping my coffee! It’s the best reward! It makes me so thankful for what I have. It’s especially great if I know I have already put in that bit of work in making the house a little easier to live in. If you enjoy an afternoon nap, use it as your reward! Wanna binge a couple episodes on Netflix, do your 30 minutes first! Pick a reward that is truly something you enjoy!

It’s worth it to redefine what satisfaction means to you and create a meaningful reward system to keep you consistent.

Thanks for coming home!

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