Holiday prep time

Here we are, at the end of October. I always find that there is a bit of a lull in chaos at the beginning of November. Routines are settled with activities, Halloween is over and the planning or prepping related to that is done, Christmas is still far enough away that the chaos of the holidays is not yet upon us – it’s a great time of the year to regroup and reassess your focus on your priorities.

My favourite thing to do at the beginning of November is to enjoy wearing some cozy sweaters while sipping my coffee…my next favourite thing to do is to start thinking ahead to all the chaos that will ensue over the coming months.

I grab my planner, or just a random blank piece of paper and figure out the next 8 weeks or so. Not specifically day by day or hour by hour, but I find it very cathartic to jot down a few things and make note of a few important dates.

Find dates for holiday events

I like to make note of holiday events coming up. We have a few holiday events that we try hard not to miss, and by now, the dates are advertised on websites already! If I can put them onto the calendar now, it’s easier to prioritize events as they become double or even triple booked!

Make note of family gatherings

Use some of the space on the paper to write down the family gatherings that might happen, or at least make note of who you want to visit with. Start reaching out to people early to plan dates – it helps everyone!

Think about food

Use some time to write down thoughts of food you want to make or bake or prep for the holidays. Also make note of any foods you may want to bring to the family gatherings. You could also think about some hostess gifts you may need, or even some special sweets you could make for unexpected company.

Double check your gift lists

Go through any gifts you may have already acquired and write down who they are for. Write down names of people who you still need to buy for, add any ideas of gifts you have as well!!

Plan some family fun

Think about the winter/holiday activities that you and/or your kids love. Try to think of some family activities or games you could play either outside or inside. Think of some evenings where there isn’t already a lot going on, maybe a family boardgame would be fun, or a special holiday movie night. Maybe you want to build a snow fort, or have a big snowball war – hopefully there is snow for that – and hey, if not – try just throwing large white pom poms at each other inside!

Spending the first week or two of November making a bit of a game plan sure helps to make for a more peaceful lead in to the holidays! It’s all about time management – and the more of your time you manage, the smoother the time will pass.

Thanks for coming home!


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