Overhauling the closet – again!

My closet is pretty huge, but I can never believe how quickly I run out of space or how quickly it feels cluttered. I often feel like I don’t have anything to wear, yet I have a ton of options. The thing I always come back to is organizing!

I find it really hard to stay motivated to keep my closet tidy. I have no clue why!! I pull something off the hanger, wear it for a short time, then take it off – in doing so I want to keep it aside because I have worn it now, and putting it away properly implies it’s clean. Not that it’s that dirty, its just that it has been worn and now I want to keep it somewhere else. I don’t know why my brain works this way, but it does!

This system of keeping aside clothing that is ‘partially’ worn, leads me to feel like my closet is overstuffed and microscopic. I have tried so many different systems to keep it tidier including a variety of different clothing storage systems and folding techniques.

I love the idea of rolling my clothes!

You may have read a previous post of mine, Our master closet; All about the roll!. It’s actually my longest running successful storage system for my clothes (especially workout clothing). I love this method most because the clothing has less wrinkles than typical folding and everything tucks away nice and small. It’s particularly great when everything is freshly laundered and the clothes help each other stay nicely rolled in the bin. But as I get closer to laundry day, my nicely rolled clothes are falling over, and it looks more like a jumbled mess of items! It seems, the only way to keep things tidier is to do laundry more often, or have more clothes – neither one is really a solution I want to entertain on my run of trying to DECLUTTER!

My repeated search during any Amazon prime day sale, or massive inventory sale at stores is looking for organizing ideas and solutions. This year, I found these divided wardrobe organizers!

I had been seeing them for a while and read a few reviews. People were not over the moon with them, stating some of them are flimsy, or they even ripped while putting clothes into them for the first time. I was concerned making my purchase, they do seem pricy for how the reviews describe similar items, but I decided to get them anyway. They actually seem to be doing a great job so far!

I love that they keep the rest of the clothing tidy and organized despite pulling some items out to wear. I love that they fit well enough on my shelf – they stick out a little more than I would like – but they would definitely fit very nicely in a drawer. They come in a variety of sizes which is great so you can use some for pants, shirts, or even socks and undies, or bras!

I have thermal pants in one, thermal shirts in another, and thermal socks in my smaller one. Like I said before, the smaller one would also be great for bras, bathing suits, tank tops, workout shorts, even socks or undies. The other ones would work well for leggings, pajamas, t-shirts, or even other workout clothing.

I also find that most prefab closet units have very large shelves. If I piled clothes that high on the shelf they would all topple over eventually, adding to my inevitable feeling that I am just not meant to have an organized closet! The closet unit in my closet now is no exception. They are a hard shelf size to match. So I used Prime day to do some measuring and comparing of shelf dividers. I am very happy to have found these shelf organizers.

They fit perfectly!…However, they don’t fit my new dividers under them!! It’s actually the reason I bought both things – they were supposed to fit based on measurements. Luckily, I was able to rejig a few other things and make them fit in without too much trouble.

Halving the height of my shelves actually makes them WAY more usable. Now I can store some of my workout clothes in my bins, and store my thicker thermal wear (for outside running…brr…what was I thinking? Running in the cold!? – Anyhoo). The adjustability of the organizers is great, I can easily stretch them to fit exactly on my shelf.

I love going through my clothing at least in the spring and the fall. It gives me a refreshing look at my wardrobe for the seasonal change. I love it even more when I have new organizing toys to play with!

What’s your best closet organizing system? What’s your favourite thing about your closet? What stumbling blocks do you have in your closet and what have you done to overcome them?

Let’s get organizing together!

Thanks for coming home!

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