Declutter your life: minutes matter!

COVID has really changed the way we as parents, participate in the kid’s extra curriculars! There have been so many times where I now simply wait outside whatever building until whichever kid is done doing their thing. I love watching my kids do their thing. Nothing brings me more happiness than to watch them feel pride in their own hard work, or watch them stumble but persevere!

But now I can’t watch them!

It’s not even them saying that they don’t want me to watch anymore, it’s simply covid rules don’t want parents in a certain place…sharing the air!

The silver lining is that now I can get more work done…right??

I mean, the office is already more portable now, so you might as well bring that laptop for writing documents, or check some emails. Could even bring a planner and plan out the week or at least tomorrow, maybe plan the grocery shop! Or you could even bring a creative thing to do to make the most of the time! I mean it’s opportunity knocking!! Right??

Sometimes minutes mean more when you stop!

Stop cluttering up your time bringing all kinds of portable work with you! Use it as a great excuse to veg! I mean, you otherwise would have been cheering on your little with all the gumption and enthusiasm parents have…but now…you have the world basically telling you to just sit and wait!

Maybe it’s an opportunity for a nice walk, or for reading a book or just being still and listening to some of your favourite songs. You could even use the time to watch an episode of whatever show you are trying to binge!

It’s the world’s way of saying “here’s a break! Use it for you!”

You don’t have to be productive every second of every day! In fact, you may be more productive if you use these breaks as a break!

Next time you are forced to wait, just take the time to be by yourself. You may find that you can rekindle your own flame by just letting yourself guiltlessly enjoy the time!!

Use your minutes wisely, and try not to overstress about it!

Thanks for coming home!

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