Holiday overachiever challenge: Outdoor prep, Christmas eve box, more baking and décor!

Now that your family photos are done, your Santa letters sent, your wardrobes set, the food and drinks are planned, some of the decorations are set up, gifts are planned and perhaps mostly purchased, the advent calendars are ready to go, and your house is slightly decluttered…it’s time to prepare for some of the upcoming outdoor work, put together a fun Christmas family box (whether you use it for Christmas eve or not), make the house smell amazing with some more baking and add some final touches to the current décor.

With so much done already, I can foresee a warm fire, cozy couch, and a hot coffee in my hands with my feet on the coffee table in the near future!

Outdoor Prep

If you haven’t been hit with a dumping of snow this season, then you likely haven’t needed to think too much about your shovel or snow blower yet, or even your car snow scraper. This week is the week to pull all of that equipment together and check them over or test them out to ensure everything is in good working order. You might even be able to find some shovels or snow blowers on sale right now if they need replacing! The other thing that’s good to grab at this time of year is a bag of salt or sand to help with icy sidewalks or steps to the house. No one wants to have a tumble on the ice…even if they are skating on purpose! We usually use this pulling out of the shovels to swap our summer/winter gear from our garage storage. Down come the sleds, shovels etc, and up goes the summer toys or pool toys! No need for that stuff to take up prime real estate in the garage so we find it easier to swap them out. The other thing to think about is prepping the car for winter!


Get the car ready! Make sure you have a bit of an emergency kit in the car. Add spare gloves, hats and blankets in each car! You could also toss in some of those hand or foot warmers. It’s a good idea to have a small snack, like granola bars in case you get stuck somewhere for a longer period of time. Also, when you’re stuck somewhere, things can get a little…intense! I mean, everyone will be a bit bored, a bit on edge, maybe a bit uncomfortable, it won’t hurt to throw in a couple small games or a deck of cards!

Christmas eve box

I love putting together a little fun family night box. I love the idea of it being a Christmas eve box, but we are generally out and busy with family on Christmas eve, and we often get home late enough to get ready for bed and try to tuck the kids in! Instead, I call it our Christmas eve, eve box! I used to love adding a movie to the box but now there’s so many streaming services, it seems a little redundant. My top items for the box are pjs for the whole family (bonus points if they are themed or matching!), some popcorn, a few candy items, some fancy hot chocolate or tea, and sometimes some cozy slippers or socks. The idea is a cozy family night! Then you just have to try not to fight over the movie choice – which was what I loved about already having a movie in the box! A book would also work, and you could all huddle together on that cozy couch in front of the fire!

More baking

It’s time to add a few more baked goodies to the freezer. Picking just two more recipes to make helps. Even if all you did was 2-3 recipes a couple weeks ago, and now 2-3 more – that’s 4-6 delicious treats for a platter! Not bad! And it’s not even December yet!!! You could even set up a cookie exchange with some family or friends. Everyone pick a big batch recipe to make and share a dozen or more of each cookie with everyone! You could also up the ante by challenging your friends or family to a bake off! Pick one main ingredient that everyone needs to use, and see who can make the most delicious treat. The taste test is the best part!

More décor

It’s time to make it look like Christmas vomited all over your house! I’m talking bells on doors, and Christmas everywhere! Think décor in the bathrooms, including themed towels and soap dispensers, the kitchen – more themed towels and holiday scents, even the pets can have some Christmas decorations or toys, like turning the crate into a gingerbread house, or add some cat friendly bell toys to the cat tree. Put up the outdoor Christmas lights and other outdoor decorations (you could do the front AND backyard!!!). You could even add some strands of lights around the inside of windows! Decorate the bedroom doors, or add some puffy bows to handles on cabinets! If you haven’t already, set up the tree! Or a Christmas village. Go all out! There can never be enough decorations – just remember, if you are buying new ones, you still have to store it all year!

Can you see the end in sight? Can you picture yourself relaxing for a couple weeks before Christmas? The peace is coming, I promise!

Thanks for coming home!

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