Holiday Overachiever Challenge: Wrapping it all up!

This week is all about the closing ceremonies of prepping for Christmas! You heard me! If you have been following all of my holiday overachiever challenges then you have been rocking all the prep and you, my friend, are almost done and ready!!

Checking the list twice!

Check over your gift list and make sure that you have everything you need. If you still have a few gifts to buy, go out and get them! Double check even the random people on your list, like coaches or music teachers, even the mail delivery person. It’s just nice to give something! Even some of your baked goodies!? (Pro tip: Tuck a simple extra wrapped present under the tree! If you have people coming to your house Christmas morning or when others in the family are opening presents, it’s such a relief to know something is already there and wrapped if they turn up with an unexpected guest!!)

Get rid of that dust bunny!

Speaking of people showing up at your house, you may want to consider using this week to really deep clean the house! The more thorough the deep clean, the easier the little tidying and cleaning will be as Christmas approaches. Give the kids wipes and dusters and make them hit up the dust on the baseboards and the handles on cabinets. Have your kids mop the floors or vacuum! You could also use this time to set up the guest room if you have any overnight guests coming to stay. Leave a water bottle in the room for them, or make sure there is access to a plug for charging their devices.

Sending out the cards!

If you haven’t yet, but plan to mail out your Christmas cards then now is the time to push on! I love getting Christmas cards and hanging them up around the house. It’s great to see all the great pictures, whether it’s photos of friends and family, or just a beautiful Christmas scene – the house feels more festive with cards hanging around. If you’re strapped for time, use your computer to print off the address labels and have the kids stick them to the envelopes, or at least have them stick on the stamps. If you have time, personalize at least a few cards, or have the kids draw something special for close friends and loved ones. You could even add school pictures if you have them. I love starting the process, but it’s hard to go for the full marathon! Spread it out over a few days, make yourself a fancy drink like some tea, coffee, or even some egg nog. Setting up a nice environment can give you tons of staying power! Stick with it! Even if you’re sending out A LOT of them!!

Actually doing the ‘wrapping it up’ part!

I quite enjoy the wrapping of the gifts. I feel like everything falls into place once I’m at the wrapping stage! It’s about being actually done! Tucking the wrapped gift into a gift bag for whoever and setting it aside to be delivered or opened! Tuck the presents under the tree to get them out of the way, and keep some other ones hidden if need be! It’s also the best way to truly double check that list. As you wrap the presents, cross the people off the list, that way you very clearly know who you still have to buy for! (Pro tip: use different wrapping paper for the presents from you, than the presents from Santa! When the kids were really young, I bought (and have hidden) a ton of this pretty foil wrapping paper. I bought different colours for everyone in the house – it has honestly made things so easy and organized!!) As you go through the wrapping process make sure to keep track of the supplies you’re running low on. That way, you can restock your supplies with the sales AFTER Christmas! Oh ya, don’t forget to blast some Christmas tunes and bring on all the corny rapping I mean, wrapping puns!

Well, that’s a wrap!

Thanks for coming home!

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  1. Love this. I keep a “gift” file folder that I can easily refer to throughout the year. I write the names of the people closest to me and then (in pencil) I’ll jot down gift ideas as I spend theme with that person through out the year. I’ll add hostess gift or “extra” people as the need comes up.
    It’s an easy way to see who I still need to buy for and a reminder for the following year to see what I gave last year so I don’t repeat the same gift. Anything to make the season easier.


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