It’s garbage night!

Garbage…is…just…gross! I hate getting together the garbage; it smells, it’s icky, it’s just not a task that I really want to do!

But it’s gotta get done!

For the most part, all the garbage in the house lands in the kitchen – which I love, because it makes collecting it all very easy! So, it means that collecting the rest of the garbage will take me basically as long as it takes to walk around the house one time, plus a couple extra minutes for all the times I pick up a garbage can and dump it into my bag. But the garbage cans are left looking a little…icky!

To keep all the garbage cans smelling fresh and clean and to keep dust down, I usually do the garbage with a bucket of wipes on hand.

Now, I can go around the house, dumping all of my garbage bins into my bag, then give a quick wipe to the bottom inside of the bins. I usually give a quick wipe to the outside too (especially the bathroom cans!) Total it might add an extra five minutes to the overall job, but it really is the only time when the bin is completely empty! AND it will likely stay empty for at least an hour – long enough for the bin to air dry.

Now it looks spic and span and ready for more…umm…gross garbage!

Sometimes, taking a few extra minutes while doing a job, is the difference between looking clean and tidy and truly feeling clean and tidy!

Now I gotta collect the recycling!

Thanks for coming home!

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