Holiday Overachiever Challenge: The final touches!

December 15th is fast approaching, and as you know if you’ve been following my posts, I try to make sure everything related to Christmas or the holidays is done by then! The 15th is the new 25th! That said, we are onto the last final touches of our holiday prep and I gotta say, it feels great to see the end in sight!!

The final decorations

If there are still decorations you keep meaning to set up, do it now! Do it this weekend, so that it’s all done and you can enjoy them longer! Why put them up last minute, enjoy them for as long as you can! Might as well set up the stockings too! Speaking of decorations, take some time to set up your Christmas card display. We usually tape them to the wall by the stairs – it’s something the kids are great at!

The final gifts

Now’s the time to really hunker down and get those last few gifts that you need! I don’t know about you, but I can already feel that rush in the stores and that chaotic anxiety of those shopping around me! I already feel like I would much rather be cozy at home than amongst the rush of the crowds! On the gift topic, do you make any handmade cards or labels? Spend the time making them! Time is only going to go by faster. Use some concentrated time and knock them off your to do list this week!

The final plans

Finalize your holiday plans. Call friends and family and finalize plans for Christmas day, or Boxing day – or whatever other day you do your gatherings on. Confirm numbers (well as much as you can without predicting sickness etc) so you know how many people to plan for. Confirm any room bookings you need, if you’re getting together at a rented space.

The final food prep

Now that you know how many people are coming, use some time this week to finalize your meal plan, or decide what you’re bringing to the parties. Think about what you will serve your food in, and plan out some simple timelines for meal prep. You could also do some final baking. You could even start thinking about making/decorating a gingerbread house.

The perhaps forgotten items

If you have any pets, don’t forget to book them into an overnight stay if you are going away over the holidays. If you have smaller pets, don’t forget about their care too, consider asking a neighbour to check on them while you’re away. If your dog is getting kind of stinky, you could consider taking them for a spa day. Book yourself in too while you’re at it, maybe use a different type of spa for yourself though! If you want to get your hair done, or nails, now’s the time!

The final thoughts

This is the last week to get all of your stuff done to have a super stress free Christmas break! Get as much done as you can because I promise you, it will make SUCH A BIG DIFFERENCE!!!! If you are usually a last minute-er then this Christmas will seem very enjoyable by comparison! You may even feel like you forgot to do or get a bunch of stuff, but you know that you got it all covered, because you are a super Holiday Overachiever!!!

Now get cracking on your final week!

Thanks for coming home!

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