Is burnout getting to you? Reset your sacred tasks!

Are you getting stressed easily these days? Work got you going crazy? Are you on the verge of burnout? Time to set your own boundaries and reach a more balanced day to day! AND start accomplishing some of your goals!!

What are your actual goals or desires? AND why does it seem like they’re so far out of reach! Make them a priority. Put small steps that help you get closer to your goals on your list of sacred tasks! Confused about what I mean, check it out…

There are a certain amount of tasks you do everyday, maybe some without even thinking about the impact of those tasks. Maybe you like to take an afternoon nap, maybe you play on your phone, maybe you just walk from room to room thinking about all the things you really should do. The things you fill your day with, ultimately, either get you closer to your desires and goals or farther away from them. Pick one goal you want to work towards. It could be whatever you want! Want to get killer abs? Want to declutter the house? Want to learn an instrument? Make sure that the actions that get you closer to your goals are a must on your priority list!

They are sacred!

They, above all else, must happen each day! Your day is not even complete until they happen! They are your goals afterall, and if you want to achieve them, then do it! Make a commitment to yourself. You don’t need to do it for hours each day, but depending on what the goal is, you have to contribute to it’s completion at least a little bit, every day!

If you want to get killer abs, make a sacred task item to do a 15 minute ab workout EVERY DAY! It’s ONLY 15 minutes and it gets you closer to your goal!

If you want to declutter your house, make a sacred task item to pick out five things EVERY DAY that can be given away. At the end of the week, take the stuff to a donation centre! Make it sacred! It MUST happen!

If you’re not yet getting to the goal you truly desire, ask yourself why not? Assess your day. What is taking you away from achieving it, or what can you do to change your sacred tasks so that you can reach your goals.

Pro tip: Make a fancy note with your sacred tasks on it. Make it the background on your phone! Or your computer! Put it on the fridge! You can’t avoid it if it’s staring you in the face! Everytime you open your phone, you’ll see those sacred tasks and be reminded of what you really need to do today, so that you are truly getting closer to achieving your goals!

Your goals are presumably something YOU really want! So do at least a bit of work towards it every day!

Go make your sacred task list. Make sure your head doesn’t hit your pillow until those sacred tasks are done!

Thanks for coming home!

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