Holiday Overachiever Challenge: Time to relax!

Now that everything is done, use this week to really be present and in the moment!

Use the evenings, if they’re free to do something simple with the kids, or spend some time with loved ones. Have some hot chocolate in front of the fire, or enjoy all the Christmas movies! Make some crazy popcorn to go with it, like marshmallow rice crispy square style popcorn (just replace the rice crispies with popcorn for a great sticky treat). Take a drive around and enjoy looking at the Christmas lights in the neighbourhood. Search on the internet to see if there is a local Christmas lights display map, so that you can drive by some of the local over decorated homes.

Use this time to calm the house, calm yourself, and really take the time to be thankful for all the love and joy around you.

If the holidays are a hard time for you, or you’re feeling alone, call up an old friend and see what they’re up to! Look up some local churches to hear some caroling, no matter what your faith, the music is beautiful! Talk to a stranger! Sometimes it’s the best way to feel less lonely, compliment a stranger about something they are doing or wearing. Go volunteer at a nursing home or retirement home! The best way to feel less alone, is to put yourself out there! Even if it’s hard to push yourself socially, you will feel a thousand times better after doing it!

This time before Christmas is my absolute favourite time! I can’t help but feel blessed with health and love, I wish I could share that with everyone. Tune in to your gratefulness this week. Do a random act of kindness for people around you and watch the ripple effect if you can.

At the end of the week, head out to the grocery store and see if you can plan enough in advance to get whatever you need all the way from now until after Boxing day! (Bonus if you can make it all the way until the 2nd or 3rd of January)

If there are still things to get or wrap, make sure that gets done early in the week, then just relax for the rest of it and enjoy.

Doesn’t it feel great to have it all done by the 15th?

Crank the Christmas tunes, and put your feet up! You deserve it!!

Thanks for coming home!

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