Tiny changes, BIG results!

Are you reflecting on the way 2022 went by and left you wishing you had done more, or thinking about all the things you didn’t do? Want to change that for 2023?? Here’s how: make tiny changes to your day to day!

It comes down to how you spend your time each day. You decide. All you need to do is make tiny changes!

Each tiny change could have a profound impact on how you look back on 2023 at the turn of 2024.

If you want to eat healthier – make a tiny change. Try just having healthier snacks, or eating a healthy breakfast. Changing everything could be way too overwhelming.

If you want to learn something new – make a tiny change. Instead of watching another episode of your favourite show, read about that something new. Or instead of scrolling through your social media, practice whatever that new thing is. It doesn’t mean you are committing hours to that new thing, just minutes at a time works!!

If you want this year to be all about decluttering – make a tiny change! Change how you handle stuff. Try getting rid of one thing everyday. Just that one thing leads to 365 less items in your home by the end of the year!!! Chances are, you may even start doing more than one thing per day after practicing it for a few months!

If you want a tidier home this year – make a tiny change! Take the 30 seconds to put something away properly. That one tiny change could mean you shave an hour off your tidying up time, AND you would save yourself some decision fatigue by dealing with it right away rather than dealing with a bunch of out of place items at once!

If you want to be more successful at work – make a tiny change. Take some time on your breaks to do some extra learning, or think about an upcoming project. Spend a little bit of extra time replying to an email or making a phone call. Put a bit more of you into your work!

Big results don’t come over night. They come from making one small choice, by making one tiny change to your daily living AND being consistent! Each tiny change has the power to build on itself as you pick up momentum with your tiny changes!

By the end of 2023 you will be a completely new and improved you, simply by making tiny changes!

Thanks for coming home!

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