Force your goals to be at eye level

Have you ever gone around your house and only looked at the things that are eye level or easily accessible? It’s a really interesting way to look at your house. Everything that sits at eye level or on top of a surface is the stuff you see first. It’s the stuff you gravitate to. Have you ever pulled open the fridge or a cupboard, only to see nothing jump out at your eye level and think there’s nothing good there to eat? BUT, if you dig out all the random stuff from the rest of the fridge or cupboard you can actually put together a pretty good meal or snack!?

The eyes are all about that instant gratification. They want to see the great things. So take advantage of that!!

Make sure that the things that help you achieve your goals sit right at eye level. OR make them so accessible you are moving them out of the way to get to your bad habits!

Take fitness for example, if your goal is to workout in the morning, you could try putting your running shoes on your night table so that you have to touch them to turn off your morning alarm, or even just wear your workout clothes to bed!!

How about a new project. If you put it all away, it may be too ‘out of sight, out of mind’ for you to remember to pull it out the next day. If you have no where to leave it out, leave yourself a note on your bathroom mirror or on the fridge door to remind you about it.

Trying to learn something new? Set your alarm sound as a podcast about the topic, or leave your reference material by the coffee machine that way you are forced to see it! You can have your coffee AND work towards your goals.

I have shown you this side of my kitchen counter before, and sheesh it gets messy! No matter how hard I try. After the holidays, and after a good produce shop for lunches this counter is yet again, on it’s way to “ugh!!”

So, I am hoping to achieve two goals at once…goal 1 – keep this area tidy, and NO non food-related stuff!! Goal 2 – eat healthier!

When I come back from the store with all sorts of delicious and fresh produce, the last thing I intend is for any of it to be thrown out! I usually try to save it for the kids to eat, so they eat a very healthy snack or meal – but I should eat it too, and so what if we run out! It’s better to run out than throw it out!!

I hit up Amazon and found these bins to keep all my produce organized, AND at eye level and very accessible!

It’s been a week, and already I have been making WAY healthier choices when it comes to snack time!

So, make it easier to achieve your goals by putting them smack dab in your face! That’s where it belongs! That’s where it will remind you what it is you really want out of life!

Make it feel like a chore to not follow your goals!

Thanks for coming home!

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