Top 5 things to sort in January

January is a time for action. What better action than to get rid of some of those excess items kicking around the house! Below you will find my top 5 list of items to sort and declutter for January!

1) Food storage containers

If you’re trying to do more cooking at home again after a crazy December, you may be starting to realize that some of your leftover containers are looking a little sad. Toss any that are deformed, damaged, or just not sealing anymore. Get rid of any that smell funky even after washing! Also get rid of any with lots of staining. Focus on keeping containers that can be used in all sorts of ways like in the freezer, microwave, and oven. It keeps your containers versatile in their storage and cooking of your food!

2) Freezer

Staying on the food topic, the freezer is a great place to focus during January. I often try to stock up my freezer during the fall, so I tend to feel overwhelmed by how full it is by January. As you’re pulling stuff out of the freezer you may also free up some of those storage containers! Use up or go through some of your freezer items so that you can make some space. Get rid of anything that has been in the freezer for a long time…and I mean…a LONG…time! For the items you have a lot of, why not have a cooking day and cook up a ton of food and hand it out to neighbours or friends! Who doesn’t love a meal gift, right?

3) Blankets

After spending time in the freezer, I can get a bit, well, frozen. It feels so good to warm up my hands under a nice thick blanket! I love blankets! I probably have way too many of them. As the temperatures drop for the winter, I love making sure that all of my blankets are fluffy and cozy. I try to go through my blankets to get rid of at least a few! (as hard as that may be!!). Having extra blankets around the house in the winter can be a saving grace if the power goes out for an extended period of time, so I try to have enough for everyone. I often move my blankets around as they become older and worn out. After having them in the house for a while and after many washes, the blankets often end up sitting in a car for a while. Don’t forget about the possibility of being stranded in a snow storm, depending on your winters of course! I usually try to have at least a couple blankets in each car, just in case!

4) Jewellery

After the holidays, and some fancier outfits, and some pairings of clothing with jewellery, I am reminded that it’s time to sort through my jewellery. It’s a great time of year for it, because if you did just get fancy for Christmas or New Years and actually wore some of your fancy accessories then you have an idea of the things that you loved the most and possibly the items that you saw, but chose not to wear for whatever reason. Check through all of your jewellery and decide what is still worth keeping and what items might be best to pass on or sell off.

5) Cleaning products and supplies

January is also one of my favourite times to get back on track for cleaning. I always want to tidy up the clutter from Christmas and actually get on with cleaning. Use January to sort through your cleaning cloths, towels or dusters, even some of the brushes! It’s a great time to just reset on some of the cleaning products that you use and make sure to get rid of older cleaning bottles or products you may have had for a while.

After the holidays, and the chaos or laziness that sometimes comes along with it, I love getting back into a routine. I like getting back on top of achieving my goals and what better way to do it than to jump into some good decluttering! Enjoy freeing up some of the clutter in the tucked away areas of your home!

What kinds of actions are you eager to accomplish in January? What types of things do you love getting rid of after the holidays?

Thanks for coming home!

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