Find a theme song

If you’re struggling with trying to muster up enough energy to do the things you need or want to do, find yourself a theme song that gets you thinking about whatever that thing is. If you need to get your chores done, find a song that makes you pumped up to fold some laundry or wash some toilets! Bonus points if it makes you dance a bit as you go!

The power of music is incredible! Use it to your advantage!

If you want to get up and workout right away, find an alarm song that makes you want to get up and workout!

If you’re heading in to work, and you know its going to be a tough day, or you’re overwhelmed with a project, find a theme song that helps you get through it!

You can have many multiple theme songs, or just one that gives you the strength and energy to conquer whatever it is you can’t currently find the energy for!

Let the music fuel your body into achieving more in your life!

You may need to listen to a few songs to determine which one is the best for whatever the task is. Give it a bit of time, let yourself feel the music. Decide if the song truly adds to your emotions in a productive way. Once you think you have found the right song, listen to the whole song while thinking about what the song is pumping you up for. Make the connection in your brain with the song and the task to see if it ‘fits’ properly!

You won’t regret taking the time to find your song, because once you find the right one for you, as soon as you hear that song, you will want to do whatever the task is! It will be like magic! Even if you find yourself feeling lazy, like you don’t want to do whatever the task is, just crank that tune and watch magic flow from your body into the work you need to do!

So go listen! Enjoy the process!

Thanks for coming home!


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